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BDSM Femdom erotica Books. Read about gangbang, orgy, pain, submission, sadomasochism. All you can expect in BDSM, is found in this Short-Stories, which will lead you into the dark world of BDSM.
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New Book out now!

Wretches and Queens – Infidelity in full circle

When strong-willed businesswoman Anna is cheated on by her philandering husband, Jack, she is devastated. But she quickly decides to change the way she approaches their relationship and takes matters into her own hands.

She aims to get her revenge in a way which will satisfy all her sexual desires, as well as leaving Jack in no doubt as to who is in charge in their marriage.

Using all the seductive powers she can summon, Anna becomes the dominant partner in the relationship, keeping Jack bound and gagged and forcing him to watch as she is used and abused by one man after another. 

Punishing her husband for what he did is all very well, but is comes with a dangerous risk. For while Anna is thoroughly enjoying her role and is able to satisfy her lust with her new-found adventurous self, Jack may not see it like that.

Has she done something which might be enough to put the spark back into their failing marriage, or has she gone too far and provided the catalyst which will end it forever?

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