Fabienne Moshagen | Wretches and Queens – Cabin in the mountains
BDSM Femdom erotica Books. Read about gangbang, orgy, pain, submission, sadomasochism. All you can expect in BDSM, is found in this Short-Stories, which will lead you into the dark world of BDSM.
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Wretches and Queens – Cabin in the mountains

The death of her parents had sent Lexi down a rabbit hole of alcoholism, depression, and anger. But now she was on the road to putting her life back on track, and that meant dealing with all the things left to her in her parents’ will, including a cabin in the mountains.

When she arrives, she notices that not all is what it seems. Someone had been living in the house, and that someone was tall, masculine, and ready to be her submissive.

Lexi always hid her Femdom side, and was always left unsatisfied. But, her new houseguest not only gives her information on her parents’ deaths, but he also fills that urge to dominate in her world of BDSM.

BDSM, femdom, mistress, Slave